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Designed with your needs in mind.
IQTrack was created with years of IT experience and the aid of over 30 law firms, resulting in an application that specifically addresses the law firm's help desk needs. As a web-based application with no need to install and maintain client software, IQTrack provides access to IT support information from anywhere in the world, giving your support personnel a quick response time and fast turnaround.
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IQTrack is a web-based ASP (Application Service Provider), which allows for a rich IT support environment without investing in dedicated hardware and software. The only software required to work in and administer IQTrack is the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Features Overview
IQTrack is a robust application specifically designed to meet your IT support needs. Browse the links below to see IQTrack in action and learn more about the many features IQTrack has to offer your firm:
  • IQTrack enables support personnel to work quickly and easily track detailed information associated with every IT support issue.
  • IQTrack improves productivity by providing support personnel (analysts) with the tools they need to access relevant information and review assigned work at-a-glance.
  • The knowledge base shares a repository of articles and useful tips that can be linked to relevant information throughout the application.
  • Broadcast messages inform analysts of organization-wide messages and system outages.
  • Escalations avoid mishaps by keeping a tight control on how analysts change ticket ownership and notify on-call technicians.
  • Integrated email support informs end-users of completed tickets, provides valuable end-user feedback to supervisors, notifies analysts of changes in ticket ownership, and automatically generates tickets received by email.
  • Advanced up-to-the-minute reporting capabilities make spotting and analyzing trends easy.
  • IQTrack integrates intelligent time zone calculation and location-specific features that allow for easy support of worldwide office locations.
  • IQTrack is both flexible and scalable, enabling administrators to customize the application depending on your firm's specific needs.