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  Ticket Escalations  
Avoid mishaps and control how tickets move within your firm.
Ensuring the right information gets to the right person is essential to solving an IT support issue in a timely manner -- IQTrack provides a flexible and controlled set of checks and balances to guarantee a ticket gets to the support personnel most qualified to solve a problem.
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  • Intelligent Escalation Logic uses the requester's location and ticket category to prevent changing ticket ownership to the wrong user or queue.
  • Automatic Escalations change the ownership or notifies another analyst of past-due tickets automatically, avoiding ticket loss and preventing less-effective analysts from hiding behind the system.
  • Emergency Phone Numbers are provided in high-priority escalations in order to facilitate completion of the ticket as quickly as possible.
  • After-Hours Emergencies are handled using a sophisticated on-call procedure, providing an alternate set of phone numbers and wait times to properly follow the after-hours on-call procedure.