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  Ticket Window  
Easily track detailed information relevant to every IT support issue.
The ticket window provides information and actions required to track a support claim, including the ticket summary, open/closed status, due date, current owner, category, priority and type, as well as the requester history, current system outages and broadcast messages, related knowledge base articles, tasks, and file attachments.
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  • Tasks track every action and result encountered in the process of resolving an issue.
  • Requester History displays relevant end-user information, including contact information, office and hours, VIP status and special note, and a complete ticket history -- including an indicator for currently open tickets.
  • Due Dates are calculated intelligently, taking into account ticket priority, emergency status, and requester office hours to select the most appropriate date and time.
  • Quick Tickets are templates that make creating common tickets efficient and prevents user input mistakes.
  • The Ticket Wizard automatically prompts the analyst with specific questions or important information for different types of tickets, and is fully customizable.
  • Locking occurs automatically when a ticket is opened, preventing others from changing information until the analyst is through working with the ticket or it becomes inactive -- other users can view the ticket in a read-only mode and administrators can unlock any ticket at any time.
  • The Escalate Button allows analysts to change ownership of a ticket to their supervisor or users and queues related to the ticket's category.