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IQTrack Sales/Support:
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Akerman Senterfitt
Tracy Barbee, Help Desk Manager
IQTrack's customer service is outstanding. I really appreciate all their assistance in providing us with great product support.
Balch & Bingham LLP
Mark Norris, Director of Information Technology
IQTrack is robust yet easy to use. It has helped make our IT department more responsive to our user's needs and more productive as a support organization. In addition, we have been very pleased with IQTrack's desire to continually add new features.
Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore, LLP
Christopher Martz, User Development Specialist
IQTrack has been a very effective system for tracking and resolving user issues. We outsource our helpdesk to Intelliteach so they open all of the tickets and escalate them to the appropriate group for resolution as necessary. At any time, I can log into IQTrack from wherever I am and check on the status of not only the application tickets, but all other tickets that have been opened and resolved. This gives me a clear indication of what my users are experiencing at any given time. Additionally, we receive email notification of tickets that have been escalated to our group. This allows me to work on other projects and feel confident that no issues are slipping through the cracks. The use of groups for escalation also allows for built in redundancy in case one of the IT staff is out of the office. All of the staff has access to the tickets that need resolution.
The reporting capabilities and the on-the-fly searching is brilliant from a management aspect. It allows me to get information about help desk calls in any way that I have needed so far. I can see all tickets for a specific user, for a specific problem, resolved by a certain technician, etc. and do so for any time period I desire. This is extremely helpful in determining trends and to focus our internal training efforts.
Hawkins & Parnell, LLP
Ted Gerber, Information Systems Manager
Hawkins & Parnell is very pleased with IQTrack's features, flexibility, performance and reporting. It has out-performed other issue tracking systems we have either implemented or tested.
Haynes and Boone, LLP
Shelley Smith, Desktop Applications Manager
I honestly thought we were years away from comprehensive Help Desk support software until we began using IQTrack. The product is not only rich in tracking and ticketing features, but it provides features we didn't even know we needed! The Recent Tickets pane on the Analyst Home Page allows us to track trends at a glance, and we can see who is using the software in the Logged-In IT Users Pane.
Additionally, the ticket wizard and knowledge base functionality have allowed us to finally document and organize best practices in troubleshooting, escalating and ultimately solving issues in a quick and succinct manner. Thank you for developing a product that has allowed us to bridge the gap from problem to resolution in such a logical, seamless manner.
Helms Mulliss & Wicker PLLC
Chris Romano, Information Services Manager
IQTrack allows us to be pro-active in resolving the immediate needs of our users. It provides our staff with a useful tool to keep track of assistance requests, and the reporting functions give us the opportunity to view trends and allow us to better focus attention on technology and education needs. We can get comprehensive information on tickets, allowing our IT staff to skip much of the information gathering process and start attacking the problem immediately.
Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP
Dan Funk, MIS Director
The IQTrack software has improved the performance of our internal IT personnel, as well as our off-site Help Desk (Intelliteach). The historical information on problems and users, combined with the power of the knowledge base, give analysts all the information they need, even to solve problems that may be new to them.
The power of the IQTrack software is in its agility and adaptability. We customized aspects of the software from the problem categories to the escalation procedures. The configuration is as granular as anyone would need it to be.
The reporting and searching capabilities allow us to track trends that provide previously absent information on training needs and recurrent problems.
Since using IQTrack, the productivity of the MS&K IT department has increased.
Powell Goldstein LLP
Karen Gess, End-User Support Manager
As the End-User Support Manager, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve support for my company. IQTrack provides efficient tools to monitor, escalate, and report all support calls. Not only is it simple to use, but since it is browser based, I can check calls from any location. Features such as the knowledge base, system broadcast, and ticket review assist in providing vital information for the support analyst. IQTrack provides me with the needed tools to monitor the activity within my firm.
Troutman Sanders LLP
Mitzi Lowe, Sr. Manager Training & Support
We have been using IQTrack for 6 months and we are completely satisfied with the product. Our firm has used several other help desk tracking systems and IQTrack is superior to those other products. Its ease of use and performance are two of its greatest features compared to other call tracking systems.
IQTrack is user friendly for both the analysts and the administrators. It provides easy access to reports and queries. As an "administrator" of the system, it is extremely helpful to be able to add/edit requester information, support structure and escalation information. The closed ticket e-mail notification and survey features have been well received by our users.
I would highly recommend using IQTrack for both large and small firms.
Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
Mary Sackleh, Director of Finance and Administration
IQTrack helps us to evaluate our staff's competence as well as their technology training needs. We love the fact that we can monitor our IT issues constantly. We no longer have to wait for internal help desk personnel to prepare reports or organize daily tickets. It keeps management in the "help desk" loop and that is invaluable.